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Intermodal Transportation

AS was created thanks to the passion and tenacity of its director, together with the enthusiasm and loyalty of the coworkers, who believed from the first day in all this and made it happen, meeting this challenge with commitment and sacrifice, reinforced by twenty years‘ experience in the field of logistics and combined transport.

  • AS was created thanks to the passion and tenacity of its director, together with the enthusiasm and loyalty of the coworkers, who believed from the first day in all this and made it happen, meeting this challenge with commitment and sacrifice, reinforced by twenty years‘ experience in the field of logistics and combined transport.
  • We organize rail transport even by complete train, taking care of goods door to door, respecting the environment by limiting CO2 emissions, leaving only the so-called "last mile" on the road.
  • We offer our customers the cross-docking to deliver the goods as fast as possible.
  • The distribution of goods is organized using the most modern IT tools, the arrival at our transit point includes the application of our label with identification code, so as to exclude any errors in the return, according to the FIFO.



Our company gives at your disposal more than 1,000 m² of warehouse for the consignment stock. We take care of everything since when you will decide to entrust your goods to us until your goods arrive at the destination:

Managenent of goods’ entry / exit

Goods billing


Stock management

We offer a short and long-term goods storage service in equipped and supervised areas for your products.


Integrated logistics support is an "all-round" service, which combines the storage phases with the transport of goods. When simple storage and transportation are no longer enough, we can add a series of services that are carried out without having to move the goods from our warehouses, for example:

Processing and Packaging

Labelling and packing

Order preparation

Transport documents and invoices Issuing / printing

Complete management of the COD shipments


We offer our customers a capillary distribution of goods throughout Europe, from full load to the package, with vehicles equipped with hydraulic tailgate and pallet jack. With our specialized staff can we organize the transport in any place, we can take care of the collection and delivery, always keeping the overview of the current position of your goods.

Intermodal Transportation

Combining modes of transport (rail-road) makes the intermodal effective in many aspects:

it is economical - by the train the fluctuations in the cost of fuels are avoided

it is ecological - lower emissions and impact on the environment

it is efficient - superior weights, punctuality, goods integrity, load unit compatibility...





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General Terms and Conditions of Transport

  • Your company declares that it is in possession of all necessary authorizations and insurance contracts in accordance with the legal regulations applicable to the transport and which are part of the cargo equipment during the carriage itself. By accepting this transport order, you expressly confirm that all your employees and collaborators are regularly hired and in compliance with the legal obligations regarding contributions and social security. The client has the right to require a tax clearance certificate (DURC) from the agent. The provisions of the C.M.R. will be applied in relation to the above transport. The transport itself cannot be commissioned by third party without expressed written confirmation from As Logistic Intermodal.

  • Any reference to general commercial conditions or limitation of liability should be previously treated and agreed with As Logistic Intermodal, otherwise not accepted. In case of transfer of transport orders to third parties, you are obligated to fulfil all the contractual requirements and conditions as well as all the legal previsions specified in the contract also in case of execution of the order.

  • In case of full reservation of the truck space (FTL), no additional loads are permitted. The driver will be responsible for the correct arrangement of the load inside his vehicle including the weight on the axles. Moreover, he will be responsible for the number of packages that he loads/unloads at each loading/unloading place on the basis ofthe instructions of that order or of the CMR in his possession. Each truck must be provided with the essential cargo equipment necessary for the securing of the goods: ratchet straps, anti-slip mats, load stops, corners, tarps. If the sender does not consider the above-mentioned equipment adequate or suitable for the safety of the load, with consequence of charges to As Logistic Intermodal, we will be forced to turn these costs to you. Each driver must carry their own personal protective equipment -PPE.Your company is asked to monitor loaded vehicles, trailers, containers, semi-trailers at all times and especially to use only secure parking spaces during transport stops.

  • The freight invoice with the reference order number, is accepted only under submission of all ORIGINAL documents stamped and countersigned by the recipient: waybills, C.M.R. correctly completed in all its parts, Europallet receipts, etc. It is required within 7 days from the date of delivery every single document in scanned form by E-Mail ( The omission or delay of it, involves a deduction for additional expenses of € 25 for each lack. Payment is processed after 60 days from the receipt of all original documents by priority post or AR (except for different agreements made with our staff in written form), outside any deduction due to damage or missing exchange of Pallets. Payments are made at the bank notified to us for the first time. Any change must be communicated separately in written form. The indication of a new bank relationship on the invoice is not considered sufficient.

  • The return of the Europallets must take place within 14 days, at the headquarters of As Logistic Intermodal or at a loading and unloading point agreed with our staff by E-Mail. In case of failed return, we will charge € 20.00 for each missing Europallet. Instant written notification is mandatory for failure to return the Europallets.

  • Maximum waiting times. Provided that the driver arrives on time at the loading and unloading points, loading and unloading times(franchise) are set at 24 hours for each operation. Stops in addition to what is fixed in the franchise are regulated economically only with the authorization of As Logistic Intermodal after having receipt all supporting documentation. All costs regarding delays or rejection of loading and unloading operations caused by the lack of cargo equipment shall be charged to the agent.

  • The confirmation of the transport order is deemed to be tacit, unless instant objection. Any kind of problem related to the whole execution of the transport must be reported to us without any accidental delay. An update regarding the transport itself isrequired in written form at least once a day, as well as before truck’s arrival at loading and unloading places. It is your duty to inform us immediately of any delays, damage regarding goods or any other impediment to regular delivery.

  • Possibility of withdrawal. If the agent breaches the obligations referred to in art. 1, the customer has the right to cancel the existing contractual relationship with the customer, without having to observe any notice period and without any prior warning.

  • The execution of this transport assignment implies acceptance of these essential conditions and the aforementioned mandatory deadlines. The absolute neutrality towards our customers is a binding part of this loading order.

  • The place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from this transport is Nocera Inferiore.